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Did you know a 2°F Decrease in Leaving Water Temperature Saves 6% in Electricity Costs!

On average the HVAC system uses 25% of a building’s electricity.
The slightest increase in cooling tower leaving water temperature will result in significantly higher energy costs.

1. Replace Nozzles
Broken or clogged nozzles cause uneven water distribution over the fill, scale build up, and decreased capacity.
2. Upgrade or Replace Drive Components
For increased building heat loads, BAC’s drive upgrade kits will increase the capacity of your cooling tower. To maintain the peak performance of your cooling tower, replace your motors, drive sheaves, drive bushings and belts with BAC Factory
Authorized Parts.

3. Install New Fill
Replace scaled or clogged fill with BAC’s replacement fill kits that are designed with state of the art fill technology to restore or increase the capacity of your cooling tower.

4. Install a VFD
Adding a Variable Frequency Drive will provide a more efficient method of operating your cooling tower while extending the life of the
motor and mechanical drive system.

  • Stage 1

    Stage 1

    Modular Multistack Chiller to be stripped and removed.
  • Stage 2

    Stage 2

    Multistack Chiller removed from plantroom and dismantled ready to be transported away from site.
  • Stage 3

    Stage 3

    PowerPax Chiller being installed using a Crane and lowering it through a purpose built Access Tunnel.
  • Stage 4

    Stage 4

    Chiller assembled and installation of PowerPax complete.

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Tuesday, 24 May 2022

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