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Benefits of maintaining your HVAC system


Thinking of saving money by letting your HVAC maintenance lapse? Think again!  

An industrial or commercial air conditioning system is vital to most businesses. It ensures the comfort of employees and visiting customers, and is critical for many temperature-sensitive manufacturing applications. The breakdown of an HVAC system can be hugely inconvenient in workplaces, places of entertainment, shops or clubs and, in industrial premises, it can cause interruptions to manufacturing. Not only are employees and customers inconvenienced by such equipment failures, but it will be definitely more costly than a regular maintenance program.

Neglecting the maintenance of your HVAC system = higher costs
  • Equipment failures and breakdown mean emergency repairs – higher, unplanned costs
  • In manufacturing, downtime means your orders are delayed or could be cancelled – loss of income
  • When equipment is not regularly serviced it becomes clogged, corroded, develops leaks and can become contaminated – you are devaluing your capital investment
  • Inefficient running of your system uses more energy – higher energy costs

Planned servicing and maintenance, which will include detailed reports on the performance of your HVAC system, allows planning for capital expenditure. You will know when equipment needs replacing, so there will be no rude shocks.

Scheduled maintenance of your system will ensure reliable performance, forward planning benefits and healthy interior air quality.

Energy savings through scheduled maintenance

Your HVAC system accounts for a significant amount of your business's energy consumption, typically 39%. As shown in Figure 1, HVAC energy use is more than other office use such as lighting, equipment or lifts.

Energy consumption in an office building

Equipment efficiency can have a "radical impact on energy consumption".[1] For some buildings the before-and-after consumption following an efficiency upgrade can vary by a factor of five or more. This turns into meaningful savings for businesses. So you can reduce your energy costs with a scheduled maintenance system for your HVAC system.

Benefits of maintenance = less unplanned expense

  • The avoidance of equipment failure and breakdowns – less unplanned repairs
  • A reliable HVAC system – leaves you free to get on with business
  • Peak performance of equipment – saves on energy costs
  • Extended life of equipment – your investment lasts longer
  • Satisfied stakeholders – customers, employees and tenants are in a comfortable environment
  • Planned capital expenditure – effective budgeting

At Critical Air we have been providing HVAC maintenance program in Sydney for over 50 years. We have a team of qualified technicians who are assigned to customers, so you will have a dedicated resource who are familiar with your business and your HVAC system. We adhere to the mission statement 'No cutting corners'.

So don't be tempted to let your maintenance lapse. You will actually save money on a maintenance program with Critical Air.


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Guest - Ducted Airconditioning Brisbane on Monday, 16 March 2020 16:42

This is really good. The content made me realize that skipping maintenance is not saving money at all. Thank you for sharing this.

This is really good. The content made me realize that skipping maintenance is not saving money at all. Thank you for sharing this.
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