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Phasing out of HCFCs and the implications to your air

The phasing out of HCFCs (R22 Refrigerant) will affect everyone to some degree. The following information has been put together to inform you of the implications the phase out will have and what some of the options are when considering what to do in your future planning.


Implications of reduced supply

The implication is that R22 refrigerant will become more expensive as its availability decreases. In the past 3 years we have seen an increase in excess of 300% in the price of R22 per kilo.The rate of increase will depend on the demand which could in turn be driven by how the market responds to the phase out. This response can either be by replacing old equipment with new equipment that has refrigerant which is a R22 replacement. If this occurs in sufficient numbers there should be decrease in demand and in turn a possible slow-down in the rate of the price increase.The other possibility is that there could be an increase in demand due to maintenance requirements. If this happens the price will continue increasing at a similar rate as that of the current rate.

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